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What will cause me to stress as a landlord


What will cause me to stress as a landlord.

Our aim is to ensure that you have a stress-free experience with us, however from time to time things will go wrong. Here are the most common reasons why owners experience stress and how Harcourts Move ensures that we continue to deliver stress free experiences.


Rental arrears

This is the most common reason, tenants miss paying their rent for a number of reasons, they may have lost their job, separated, their housemate has decided to move out, or your appointed property manager has not followed up.


Our team ensures that your tenants pay on time through direct debit or via credit card, if they payment is missed we start to contact them on day one via text message, phone calls, email and formal letters. If after 14 days the rent has not been paid then with your permission we will take action to remove them from the property.



This is one of the most common causes of stress, the property manager has poor response times to both the tenant and the owner and the issue invariably gets worse or escalates.


Our team ensures that all emails and calls are responded to within a minimum or 1 hour and a maximum of 4 hours. If there is an issue with the property we will contact you immediately, via your preferred method of contact. If the tenant is late with their rent, we will update on what communication and action we are taking. We also have in place protocols around rent reviews, inspections and lease renewals.


Our property managers from time to time will touch base with you just to say hi, it is important that we stay connected to what your needs are as an investor as this is the only way we will be able to help you.


Finding and keeping good tenants

I won’t have to try hard to paint a picture of a tenant from hell, it creates high levels of stress for everyone involved and you usually end up in VCAT.


Our team does extensive checks on all our tenants, we call the employer, all the referees, and check on the national tenancy database to ensure that nothing has been lodged against them.


 Once we have found a model tenant we will ensure that we keep them in your property for as long as we possibly can.



As a tenant, I have had instances where the owner has selected a cheaper option product, or taken a long time to approve maintenance. Unfortunately, what this does is, create stress for the tenant.


Our team understands that although maintenance and repairs can be stress on the wallet, it is important that it is dealt with quickly and cost effectively. Our goal will be to communicate with you quickly on what the issue is, solution, cost and time frame for repairs.



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