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How long will it take for my property to rent?


How long will it take for my property to rent?


Reducing the amount of time your property is vacant is one of the key focus of our property management team.

We understand that this impacts serviceability of any investment loans and your personal income.

Following are our key considerations when renting your property:

  • Presentation is everything, even though the property is vacant we ensure that there is enough light and fresh air at every open.
  • We review other properties on the market like yours and ensure that it is priced competitively.
  • We have a dedicated business development manager whose key role is to list and lease property.
  • We take professional photo’s, this ensures that your property stands out
  • We review weekly how long the property has been on the market and advise you of any price adjustments
  • We ensure that we check every tenant we recommend against the national tenancy database

Finally, the price, demand of properties like yours in conjunction with how proactive your business development manager is will determine how quickly your property is leased.