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Why Us

Harcourts Move – A Great place to rent a Great Place

Why Us – we promise to look after your property as if it was our own


Selecting an agent to manage your property is an important decision. It is a good idea to call in a number of agents so that you can compare services provided. We suggest that ask the following questions of each agent you meet.


How will you maximise the return on my property?


Our team at Harcourts Move will ensure that we not only rent your property to the best tenant, who has been thoroughly vetted, but we also continue to get the best rental return. We constantly review the market, and our team is regularly updated by our partners at Core Logic on items such as, average rents and vacancy rates.


How will you find the right tenant for my property?


Finding the right tenant is vital, as it ensures that your property is maintained. Our processes are vigorous, from employment and salary confirmations, to business and personal references and a check against the national tenancy database.


How will you look after my tenant?


It is a well-known industry fact that many agencies do not treat their tenants well.

Our team at Harcourts Move are investors and tenants so we get it. We understand that your investment property is actually the tenants home and we are committed to ensuring that they have a quality experience. From reporting maintenance for your approval in a timely manner, routine inspections and simply connecting with the tenants on a regular basis to ensure everything is ok.


How will you minimise risk?


One of the biggest causes of stress to tenants and owners is maintenance. Our team at Harcourts Move work to ensure that all maintenance issues are dealt with correctly and quickly. They need to report all issues in writing, our team will call the tenant, contact our owners with recommendations and ensure that repairs are completed in a timely manner.



How will you communicate with me?


The Harcourts Move team is committed to providing our tenants and owners with exceptional service. Every process we have in place has been developed and reviewed with our clients in mind. We will ask you for your feedback on a regular basis to find out how we can continue to improve our services. How often and in what manner we communicate with you is your choice. Once you have signed on with us, we will gain an understanding from you, enter your requirements into our system so our entire team is across it and then action.